Courtney Tole Photography | About
Welcome to Courtney Tole Photography. I am a Mama of 2 beautiful little girls. They put a smile in my heart and on my face each and every day. I wake up every morning wanting to share my joy and happiness with the rest of the world and love to do so through my photography.

Growing up, I always remember liking photography, however it wasn’t until adulthood that I really fell in love with the art. I decided to start my business after having my first daughter. While I loved my new role of Mommy, I missed being “Courtney”. I needed to find my own identity again. With some gentle nudges from friends and family, I decided to start my new adventure into the wonderful world of family photography. What an amazing whirlwind it has been!

I am a natural light, on-location photographer, specializing in Child and Family Photography. I love to photograph outdoors, capturing both posed and candid moments. I find that people are the most relaxed and comfortable outdoors. That said, I also have lighting and a backdrop for indoor photo sessions as well. I am an easy-going person and love to have fun while capturing those unexpected picture perfect moments.